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Rejecting Messages, with copy to the other moderators


In groups with more than one active moderator, it is frequently desirable to keep the other moderators up to date with your moderation actions. In particular, it can be helpful to send them a "carbon copy" of any message you send to a member.


Fortunately, there is more than one way to do it. Unfortunately, none are the obvious way.


Rejecting messages can be done via the web or via email, click here for Examples by email. Read below for examples by web.



The Problem


The trouble is, Yahoo's message rejection mechanism doesn't support the usual "cc" or "bcc" email fields, nor can you edit the "To" field to add the other moderators there.


When a posted message is pending and you open it on the group's web site you have five actions you can perform:



The difference between "Delete" and "Reject" is that Delete simply deletes the message, whereas Reject deletes the message and creates a reply to the member so that you can tell them why.



Notably, the message is sent only to the member. The "To" field isn't editable, and there are no "cc" or "bcc" fields. The message body is pre-filled with a copy of the original message, set off with ">" (greater than) characters to identify those lines as a quote. You can add your message to the member at the top, you can delete or trim the quote of the member's message if you feel that would be appropriate.



A Work-around Using Manipulation


One way to get around this limitation is to edit the message before rejecting it. This allows you to add any addresses you want to the message's "From" field. Starting at the same pending message:



Start by clicking "Edit" rather than "Reject". This brings up a page to compose your edits to the message:



Note the use of the "From" field. That's because it gets copied to the "To" field when you reject the message. Changes to the "To" or "Cc" fields here have no effect (unless you approve the message -- don't accidentally make that mistake!). Don't edit the message body; instead click in the "From" field, use the "End" key or arrow keys to move to the end of the member's address, type a comma a space and then the address(es) you wish to add.


In this example it is important to note that the address you add will, or could be, seen by the member when they receive the rejection. For that reason I normally use the group's -owner address (which the members already know) rather than a moderator's personal email address or the posting address of a private group for the moderators.



So now that the group's -owner address has been added to the "From" field of the message you're ready to click "Reject":



Now you can add your rejection note above the quoted message. The rejection will be sent to both the member and to the address you added, in this example the -owner address of my test group.


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