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A free collection of reference material about Yahoo! Groups, with aspirations of becoming encyclopedic.


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2020 Closure of Yahoo Groups


2019 Changes in Yahoo Groups

  • Understand what's changed in Yahoo Groups
  • Deadline to download your data: - 2020-01-31 11:59 pm Pacific (2020-02-01 07:59 UTC)
  • Group's content no longer accessible.
  • Message Digests are gone, sort-of, but you can use an email command to switch your subscription to Digest.
  • Message Moderation is gone, sort-of.
  • The Activity log is gone.
  • The Bouncing members list is gone, but the status is in their Manage Members page.





Pre-change Information


The information below has not been updated to reflect the 2019 Changes to Yahoo Groups. Updating this info will be an ongoing process.




Member Management




Info/About page

Other Features


How Yahoo! Groups works



Suggestions, Bugs and Workarounds


Old Articles


Comments (5)

oth said

at 9:29 am on Jun 23, 2012

Finally success!

I tried to add the link with the editing tool, but it did not work.

Marilynette Cox said

at 11:49 am on Sep 17, 2013

I have read, I believe, most all in this workspace and have not found an answer to this issue: When I search groups for a conversation topic, it will bring the relevant messages; however, in messages that contain either Fwd or Re in the subject line, it does not show the entire message and "see more" does not work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Marilynette

Ros L said

at 7:11 am on Dec 6, 2013

How can I message an applicant to a group without revealing my own email address? I used to be able to email them from the group owner address. Now that option is missing and I will have to pick up their email address from the application to join and mail from my own address outside of the group to ask for more information. The person has written 'this looks like a nice group' in the application which frankly isn't enough to tell me whether or not they are a suitable applicant

stephane said

at 8:36 am on Dec 6, 2013

Ros, Gmail for example, allows you to send a message with a different from: address. I use it very often to email members directly. You need to go to Gmail's settings, add the address, confirm it's yours, and the newly created from address can be selected each time you send a new mail.
Your real email adress is still in the mail headers under the sender: field, but nobody checks all the headers anyways.

Ros L said

at 9:40 am on Dec 6, 2013

Hello Stephane Many thanks, I had not realised that. I have done as you suggested. What a shame that Yahoo has been so very silly with all it's done to groups, though. So short sighted

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