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So you've created a Yahoo! Group, congratulations! Now the good news and the bad news.


The good news:

Setting up and running a Yahoo Group is easy.

The bad news:

On the internet, nothing is simple.


So there you have it. With the greatest of ease you've entangled yourself in one of the most complex things in the world! Not just the internet, but a community of people on the internet.


In fact, the set of controls you need to run your Yahoo Group are fairly easy to understand and to use. The Yahoo Groups help pages are actually reasonably good resource for learning about things, if you can take the time to browse through them once in a while.


But like any reference work (including this one) they can be frustrating when you have a specific problem at hand and aren't even quite sure how to describe it. For that you want to talk to someone: see the "More Help Links" box on the right side of the main help page (link above) and in particular the link to tips and tricks.


Even, or especially, when the problem is more about managing your groups members, their personalities, and the inevitable conflicts that arise, it can be helpful to get a range of opinions by asking the question in one of those tips and tricks groups.


The only problem with this is that it will take a while. You may get an immediate response, or everyone may be busy in their real lives and not get around to posting back for a day or so. Yes, most of those resources are run by volunteers, and the one official contact, Customer Care, isn't known for rapid response either. So patience is definately a virtue when you need help. Use the time to read, here, and in the help.

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