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About YahooGroupedia

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I've answered a lot of questions in the moderator help groups (YGOG, GMF, EL-M, and ListHelp) as well as at Moderator Central. And I've collected some screen shots at Flickr to help explain things. Now it seems to me I need a place to collect, organize and display these items in a form that is easy to maintain. Hence a wiki.


The name is unabashedly inspired by Wikipedia, a work of collective authorship I have no hope of matching, but one should always have sources of inspiration.





  • About Yahoo! Groups
  • For Group moderators and owners
  • Written by unpaid volunteers (hopefully not just me)
  • Administered by Shal Farley


Is not

  • Owned, operated by or affiliated in any way with Yahoo!
  • Warranted, Guaranteed, or otherwise promised to be complete or accurate.
  • Finished


So, if you've answered questions and wished you had a place to keep those answers for future reference; if you've wished for the ability to use simple formatting and include illustrations in your explanations; if you've ever felt that you've just written the definitive answer to a question -- then please consider adding a page to Yahoogroupedia. Your answer may help many others, and hopefully, over time, others' answers may help you.


-- Shal

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