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A Beginner's Guide

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So, you've created a Yahoo Group.

Or perhaps you've just been promoted to moderator or owner of an existing Group.

Now what?


Perhaps the most important lesson is that each Group is unique, and one size does not fit all. There are literally millions of Yahoo Groups, and probably at least as many opinions as to the right way to run a group. So, if you've been promoted in an existing group, look to the group's owners for guidance as to how they want you to run their group.


The second lesson is "browse". Browse through the help pages. Browse through the Management pages. It won't all make sense at first, so don't stress about that and don't get overwhelmed by trying to get it all in one sitting. Breeze through a quick look, save the detail for later -- as you go that background will start to fall into place. Each individual feature of a Yahoo Group is usually fairly easy to understand. But the trick is learning how the features work together to achieve your goals. That's where Browsing comes in. You'll trip over answers here and there. You need perspective, and browsing is one way to get it.


The third lesson is: "what you see is not what they see". Groups pages have more features when viewed by a moderator or owner than they do when viewed by a member. And members see more than non-members. So don't panic thinking that everyone is seeing all the private information that you now see.


Within the diversity of Yahoo Groups there are some common themes. Some groups are primarily discussion groups. Some are primarily for the distribution of announcements or newsletters. Some are primarily for sharing photos, files or links. The overall style of the group influences how you use the available controls.



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