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The Pinboard

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Nota bene : this feature has been removed from Yahoo! Groups Nov 4th 2014


Here's a link to Pinboard Screen Shots for moderators.


Here's a rough guide to how the new pinboard features work and their known issues:


  1. There are three kinds of objects that appear on the pinboard:
    1. Pinned messages and photos. *These appear to all members of the group, but not necessarily to the world. They cannot be deleted by anybody*, but they disappear when their pin count goes to zero. *Moderators cannot prevent a member from pinning a message or photo and cannot find out who first pinned the item. Access Control features and their member overrides do not apply. This feature can be anonymously abused by a disgruntled or unscrupulous member.* Members can pin them to their "My" tab.
    2. Published pinboard posts. Similarly, these appear to all members of the group, but not necessarily to the world. These are controlled through the control panel: Access Control and Moderation. Individual member overrides apply. The issue about overrides not applying in groups that are "Unmoderated" and "Unmoderated for new members" appears to have been fixed. Moderators and the the creating member can delete these. Members can pin them to their "My" tab.
    3. Draft pinboard posts. Until published, these appear only to the member who has created them. The creating member can publish these. By default, a pinboard post is also sent as a message. If the group settings together with the member's override imply that messages from the member are moderated, moderator approval will be required prior to publication.
  2. The pinboard has four tabs. Two are "private" (one after a fashion) to each member:
    1. Public. This contains all pinboard objects visible to the world. By default no objects are visible. This can be controlled in Group Settings. These appear to all members of the group, but not necessarily to the world. *Warning: changing Group Settings may unexpectedly make your group restricted. This is a known bug not yet acknowledged by Yahoo.*
    2. All. This contains everything visible to all members. *All pinned photos and messages and all published posts. are thrown in together without any sensible structure. For example, there is no way to create folders, and pinboard posts are not separated from pinned messages and photos.*
    3. My. This contains all items the given member has pinned and published.
    4. Drafts. This contains the given member's draft pinboard posts.

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