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Group Settings

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This page contains advice for using "Group Settings" of the "Control Panel":


After you create a group in Neo, its messages, photos, databases and links will be visible to everyone with a Yahoo Account. Most people will want to restrict this in some way. Be warned: The way Neo currently works (confirmed as of August 9, 2014), restricting any of these will automatically set the Radio Buttons, "Anyone can apply to join this group, moderator approval is required" and "Custom". If you see, "Anyone can apply to join this group, moderator approval is required" checked you will be stuck with this choice forever and your group will probably be set to "Restricted" (not "Custom" as you were led to believe). Once you have chosen to uncheck a check box and save the settings you will likely find that you will never see that check box again. You can safely uncheck "Non Members can post messages". 


Make certain that "Non Members can post messages" is not checked unless you make certain that the radio button "Moderated" is checked under "Moderation" in the Control Panel".


A before-and-after scenario follows. Note the change from "Custom" to "Restricted". Also note that the unchecking of "Non members can view links section" causes the check mark in "Non members can view calendar section" to become slightly darker. (Not something the user is likely to notice.) After hitting save the group unexpected becomes "Restricted" as described above and "Non members can view calendar section" is visible, but no longer editable.





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