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Features -- Missing

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This page will hopefully make available at a glance the functionality of the new Yahoo Groups format, Neo, compared to the old, Classic. The specificity of features described can expand as needed, as can their assessment. This page may also serve as a possible all-inclusive "want-list" of features desired in any future edition of YG or even replacement. In its all-inclusiveness, the table should represent not any particular group's needs but the variety of needs that significant numbers of groups might have. So add or modify info to make it as inclusive as possible.


Regarding technicalities of the table, it seems to self-adjust column width, which may be best, especially given differing screen widths and other factors, though if anyone wants to tinker with "Source," ie editing the raw html elements which control how the table is displayed, that may work as well.


Feature &/or Category

Settings/Matters Applying to Whole Group
Membership  -- Owner can set global and individual membership parameters
-- Owner can make group open to public, restricted, or private
Participation Formats -- Forum format (bulletin board) available
-- Email participation available
Non-Member Features -- various features can be made publicly viewable, including directory listing, home (info) page, message archives, calendar, links and ability to post.
-- Other features include calendar, photos, files, polls and database
Message Reply Options -- Replies can be set to go to All Members, Sender, Owner and Sender + All Members
Attachments -- can be set to off or on and how distributed and/or stored yes


Hide Email -- setting allows members to hide their email but disables polls, perhaps unnecessarily yes yes
Domain Restriction -- Membership can be restricted to one domain of email, say for a Company group yes yes
Features and Settings for Classes of Members or Individuals
Feature Access Settings -- Completely customizable access for each feature: reading messages, posting, Members list, photos, calendar, polls, database, links and files, with options for each including Members (can view and edit), Limited (Members can view, Mods can edit), Moderators Only (can view and edit) and Off.    
Moderation for Posting Messages -- Group as a whole can be set to Moderated, Unmoderated or New Members Moderated, and owner can micromanage individual settings with the same options.
Moderation for Posting Photos -- Group as a whole can be set to Moderated or Unmoderated, and owner can micromanage individual settings with the same options.    
Moderator Features/Functions and How They Work
Member-Available Features and How They Work

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