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Changes to fully featured digest

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In the last few days of June reports began of a new format for Fully Featured Digests (YGOG 42494). Some users have reported that they prefer the new format, others have reported problems with it.


As of 7/11 the reported problems have been corrected (YGHC K.I. & FAQ 7/11).







One word per line

Some users report that the first message is formatted normally, but the rest are displayed one word per line (GMF 38591).


Run-on lines

Some users report that messages are displayed without word-wrap, requiring scrolling far to the right.


Excess white space

Some users report that it is difficult to skim messages due to excess spacing (GMF 38529).




Some of the reported problems seem likely to relate to the HTML rendering of the user's webmail service or email client application.


Email Service
Browser or Email client
unknown Agent by Forte No problems (GMF 38602)
Blackberry Blackberry One word per line (YGOG 42596)
Roadrunner POP3
Eudora Classic
No problems (observed 7/3)
No problems (GMF 38604)
gmail Firefox Requires click to download more (YGHC MeganB 7/3)
gmail unknown One word per line (YGOG 42596)
unknown Mac Mail No problems (YGOG 42596)
MSN unknown No problems (YGOG 42596)
Galaxy POP3 Netscape 7.01 on Mac OS 10.2.8 No problems (YGOG 42623)
unknown POP3
Outlook 2003
One word per line (YGHC DonF 7/2)
unknown Outlook Express One word per line (YGOG 42596)
unknown Pegasus Mail No problems (YGOG 42596)
Roadrunner POP3 Thunderbird 13.0 No problems (observed 7/3)
unknown Wikmail 5.3 One word per line (YGHC ElizabethC 7/4)
Windows Live Mail Firefox One word per line (YGHC NancyB 7/4)
Windows Live Mail unknown One word per line (YGHC ChrisH 7/2, YGOG 42596)
Windows Live Mail 14.0.8064.0206 (2009) unknown One word per line (YGOG 42604)
Yahoo Mail unknown One word per line (YGOG 42596)
Yahoo Mail Classic
Firefox No problems (YGOG 42648)


It is unknown whether the inconsistencies in the table relate to unknown details (versions of programs or webmails), observation error, or on-going changes to the Digest coding by Yahoo.



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