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What's a Yahoo! Group

Page history last edited by Shal 8 years, 3 months ago

Oth said "I still cannot copy&paste, sigh...", but I'm not having any problem.


So... what are you copying from that doesn't paste?


I just copied the text from:

(I cannot paste the URL here) 

the Groups home page 




Browse Groups


That worked.  The above pasted with Firefox 13.



Funny thing is I was able to paste this page's heading  - but not to the  the text here.  signed:oth


Strange. This isn't an ordinary text entry box though, because of the wysiwyg formatting. Maybe the problem has to do with some security feature in your browser, like script blocking (though that I'd think would pretty much eliminate this whole edit box).


Comments (4)

oth said

at 8:11 pm on Jun 15, 2012

I still cannot copy&paste, sigh...

oth said

at 11:43 am on Jun 16, 2012

Funny thing is I was able to paste this page's heading - but not to the the text here. signed:oth

oth said

at 11:45 am on Jun 16, 2012

...and obviously I can copy&paste to this area (Add a comment)

Shal said

at 12:56 pm on Jun 16, 2012

This is an ordinary text entry box.

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