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AT&T Separating from Yahoo, June 30, 2017


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Around April of 2017 AT&T announced that it would be updating its site to a new att.net.[1][2]

As part of this change signing in to a user's att.net account will no longer include access to Yahoo services (such as Yahoo Groups). However att.net email addresses will continue to be served by Yahoo Mail - but at the att.net web site. See the Q&A section at the bottom of reference 2, above:


What happens to my AT&T Mail?


Don't worry—AT&T Mail stays exactly the same! You'll still be able to get your email from att.net, just like you can today. This includes all AT&T email accounts with the following  domains: att.net, sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net, snet.net, pacbell.net, ameritech.netprodigy.net, swbell.net, flash.net, yahoo.com, wans.net, and nvbell.net.



What happens to my Flickr, Fantasy Sports, Yahoo! Groups, MyYahoo!, and Tumblr accounts?


Soon, there will be changes that will affect whether you can access these sites with your AT&T login and username. Read this AT&T Support article to learn more.


The cited article [3] states that signing in to att.net will no longer directly provide access to Yahoo Groups (and the other Yahoo product listed above) and that AT&T customers will no longer be able to sign in to Yahoo Groups (and the others) using their att.net email address at Yahoo's sign-in page.


Unfortunately that page includes faulty instructions for transferring ownership of Yahoo Groups to a new or existing Yahoo account. So that's where this Wiki comes in.


What you need to do before June 30th


Make a list of your group memberships. This is mostly a precaution, but better to have it than not.


For each membership include the name of the group, and the email address that receives the group's messages and/or notices (even if you are set to "No Email" for a group, include the email address).


For those memberships where you have web access, also include the account ID (aka Alias or Profile) used to sign in to that group. If you use an email address to sign in, include that as the account ID. If you sign in for web access you can click on the All My Groups link in the left hand column to display a list of all the group memberships held by that account. This might not be a full list of your group memberships: those which are email-only or those held by a different account will not be listed there.


That's it.


The steps needed to transfer your group memberships can be taken before or after June 30th, with the caution that you won't be able to access the members-only areas of your groups until you have made the transfer. So if you use the web pages you probably don't want to put that off indefinitely.


Email access to groups


Nothing ever - if you use Yahoo Groups by email only (receiving & posting messages, and using email commands). Your email address will continue to be a member of your Yahoo Groups and will continue to receive group messages and notices, and you will continue to be able to post messages and commands to your group.


If you use Yahoo Groups primarily by email, but sometimes access the members-only areas of the web pages, then you aren't on a deadline but you probably do want to complete the Web Access steps below sooner rather than later.


Web access to groups


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