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Change the email address of your Yahoo Groups subscription


A Yahoo! Group has two primary features: an email list and a collection of web resources. To subscribe to the mailing all you need is an email address. To access the web resources, including the forms to change the email address used for your subscriptions, you'll need an account at Yahoo so that you can sign in.




If you don't have, and don't wish to obtain, a Yahoo Account your only option is to unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new address. That has the virtue of simplicity, but doing so abandons any content (messages) you've contributed to those groups, and any elevated status (such as moderator) you may have been given. Yahoo policy is that any content you contribute to Yahoo Groups remains your property, and that you may remove such content at any time[1]. To unsubscribe and re-subscribe by email, use the Email Commands. You will find them listed on the Info/About page of the group, see the "Visit Your Group" link at the bottom of any Individual or Digest message from the group.


NOTE: The Yahoo help page Activities available via email in Yahoo Groups fails to mention that Yahoo will send an email in response, and you must receive and respond to that email before the command takes effect. Archived page.



If you don't yet have a Yahoo account, but wish to preserve your ownership of content, or your status in groups, then it is important to complete the change of address Via Web (below) before you lose access to the old email address.


Via Web


Note: over time Yahoo! has made changes to the procedures to change email addresses. So understand that any instructions you find, even Yahoo's own help pages, may contain obsolete information or may be missing needed information. This page was created during an instance where the existing Yahoo help pages contained obsolete information[3]. If you find any error or inaccuracy in this information you can help by writing or correcting items, or just by commenting. Please read About YahooGroupedia.


  1.  Sign in with your Yahoo account (the one you wish to use for managing your Groups memberships). If you don't have an account yet, go to the Yahoo Groups home page and click on the purple Sign In button, or the Sign In link at the upper right. Then click on the Sign up for a new account link, and follow the instructions. Come back here when you've completed the account creation.
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over your name in the upper right hand corner of any page at Yahoo, a menu will pop open.
  3. Click on Account Info in that menu. That will open your Account Info page.
  4. Click on Account Security, in the left-hand column. You may be prompted sign in again, go ahead and do so.
  5. Click on the Email Addresses section, midway down the page.
  6. In the Email Addresses pop up list click on Add recovery email address. Yahoo will send a verification email to the address you added to the Account Info list.
  7. Go to the inbox for your new email address and make sure you received the confirmation message
  8. Open the message and follow the instructions to verify the addresses.
  9. Go back to Yahoo, on a page of the group.
  10. Near the upper right, click on Membership, that opens a menu.
  11. Click on the Edit Membership item. That opens the My Membership page.
  12. Click on the pencil icon next to Identity,  that opens a list of your Aliases and Email Addresses.
  13. Select the new email address in that list. There may be some delay between adding the new email address and its appearance in this list. If it isn't in the list yet refresh the page or look again later.
  14. Don't forget to click the purple Save button.


After that is done messages from this group should come to your newly selected email address, and you will be able to post messages to the group from the new address.





1. Yahoo Terms of Service, paragraph 9: "Yahoo does not claim ownership of Content you submit..." and 9a: "This license exists only for as long as you elect to continue to include such Content on the Yahoo Services and will terminate at the time you remove or Yahoo removes such Content from the Yahoo Services."


2. As of early November, 2015, the Yahoo help page Change your personal email address in a group, step 3, refers to an "Add New Email" link which no longer exists. Archived page.


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